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Play your favorite music and movies without any interruption in multimedia software via our customer support team

There are many a time when users face issues in executing their multimedia software which includes Windows media player, VLC player, Quick time player, Real player and so on. This can be attributed to many a reason depending upon the symptom of the issue. There are times when the player does not read files with certain documents. Other than that, there are occasions when the playlist set by users are not read and traversed properly and so on.

The customer support team caters to all such issues and make sure that users have the multimedia player for all their videos – irrespective of the file type or extensions.

Windows Media Player The list of services provided to users is mentioned below:-

Help customers to play different files of all formats

Help users to upgrade the media player to the latest version

Copy music files to different hard drive storage units

Installation and download of skin files which are compatible with the installed version of the application

VLC Media Player Although a majority of the technical issues being caused in the media players are same, there are a few which are specific to the player installed in the system.

The range of services provided to users is as follows:-

Help customers setting up their VLC players for optimum performance

Update and upgrade to latest versions as and when they are available online

Support for playing different formats of media content