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Experience relentless 24 * 7 support services for servers ensuring zero downtime for applications running on the server

Technical and other process related support and assistance become extremely crucial for servers as it is more of a business to business product unlike desktops and laptops which can be sold to end consumers as well. Therefore, server support should also encompass consulting assistance as to how to best set and manage the IT infrastructure of an organization, and more importantly, leverage on the same.

The plethora of services provided by the customer support services, specific to servers are mentioned below:-

  • Server Management –Load balancing is one of the major bottle necks in server management wherein applications running on full load often blocks out or get congested, and as a result either stop running or malfunctions. All such cases come under the purview of the customer support team who would ensure optimum load balancing in case of excessive load
  • Defect monitoring and prevention – The esteemed technical support team enables users to monitor server performance, and track error logs real time. There are automated intimation procedures which take into consideration all kind of server related errors and accordingly apprises the users.
  • Network Management – There are many a time when applications running on server use the network bandwidth or any other system resources such as storage. Now, congestion of these resources may cause undesired results. These issues are all catered by the team of customer support services making sure that customers face no inconvenience at their end.