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Get real time utility support from the team of experienced and approachable professionals round the clock, and ease your operational headaches

Utility issues though may not be pivotal to the health or operability of a system or a platform, are important in the sense that users do frequently use external gadgets which may include secondary storage units, external third party application software and many more. Therefore, issues and technical glitches on such fronts would disturb operations to a great extent and cause inconvenience to customers.

Amongst the plethora of utility services provided by the team of experts, a few of the important ones are highlighted below for reference:-

  • Burning of CD/DVDs – This feature, though quite rare with the advent of external hard disks and pen drives, exists wherein users tend to store certain important data and files in compact disks. The team of expert help customers resolves all type of burning issues, and helps them take the required data backup. They also guide users on how to re-use compact disks to use the storage space completely
  • Compression of files and data – This functionality is most used as a measure to combat space constraints. Users specifically use this feature while sending any high volume data via mail to any other recipients or archiving old items for future reference.
  • Installation of the latest releases and updates to ensure that the browser is updated with the latest features
  • Adobe Flash/Acrobat – These are third party application software which are used to view PDF files or display flash videos. There are times when files do get corrupt and fail to open in these applications. The technical team has answers to all such issues.